The Arena Calculator
Hi, and welcome to the cost estimate calculator for Media Arena's studio 1: The Arena.

By guiding you through a short list of questions, we will try to identify what your specific need is, and which solution best suits your expectations. Please note that this is an automated quotation system, and that any outcome fully depends on the quality of your answers.

When done right, you should have a clear and correct insight in the total cost for any given production. Be aware that the outcome is only an indication, and not a binding agreement.

Tell us, what type of event do you plan to organise?

Got it. You would want to go for a completely in-person event. That is definitely possible. With it's capacity of 206 participants, The Arena is the right spot. Here are some more things we would like to know:
Allright. The Arena is already looking forward to host your virtual event. But before that happens, we still have some questions:
The best of both worlds. Good choice: going hybrid is definitely the way to go.
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