1 studio with 2 contiguous settings

The Loft is one studio with two different settings that can be used separately or together.

And the biggest advantage of studio 2?
We hear it over and over again: the interior feels so real, so homey, that you just forget you are actually in a studio.



Ideal setup for 2 to 5 speakers.



Ideal setup for 2 to 5 speakers.

Latest productions in The Loft


Studio 2 was chosen by production company Jack & Charlie as the setting for the recording of Z-Insurance, a new series on business channel Kanaal Z / Canal Z.


The salon setting of The Loft was the decor for 4 webinars, initiated by Palliatieve Zorg Vlaanderen. Moderator Elise Mans received guests to talk about initiatives in palliative care.


The BGDO (Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology) held its virtual meeting on the highlights from the WCGIC, ASCO and ESMO live from The Loft. A production by Roularta HealthCare.

Technical data sheet

  • 5 x PTZ robotic camera

  • 2 different setups: table or salon

  • 5 x wireless headset

  • 1 x 55" background screen

  • 1 x 32" background screen

  • 2 x 32" program monitor

  • 2 x 75" content screen (e.g. for powerpoint slides)

  • in-ear system for moderator(s)

  • slide control with pointing possibility

  • 1 x tablet for connection with remote audience

  • capacity of 5 speakers

  • prompter (autocue) available on demand

When should you consider The Loft?

  • You are looking for a professional setting where you can interview your next guest, host your next webinar or virtual event, record your brand new e-learning program or even shoot corporate content.

  • You prefer a venue where all contemporary technology is integrated, so you can organize your event without logistical worries.

  • You dream of a collaboration with a partner who knows the importance of content creation and content reuse.

  • You absolutely want an enthusiastic team going full steam ahead to meet your goals.

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