To podcast or not to podcast ?

The impressive desk of The Block performs its double role with brio. Whether you are going live for a webinar, you shoot different modules of an e-learning or you want to record a podcast, The Block gets the job done.



Ideal setup for 2 to 4 speakers.



Ideal setup for 2 to 4 speakers.

Latest productions in The Block

Technical data sheet

  • 4 x PTZ robotic camera

  • 2 different setups: webinar or podcast

  • 4 x wireless headset

  • 4 x table stand microphone

  • 4 x podcast microphone

  • 1 x 55" background screen

  • 1 x 32" program monitor

  • 2 x 55" content screen (e.g. for powerpoint slides)

  • in-ear system for moderator(s)

  • slide control with pointing possibility

  • 1 x tablet for connection with remote audience

  • capacity of 4 speakers

  • prompter (autocue) available on demand

When should you consider The Block?

  • You are looking for a professional setting where you host your next webinar, record your brand new e-learning program. Or you are looking for a studio to record your new podcast series or corporate radio show.

  • You prefer a venue where all contemporary technology is integrated, so you can organize your event without logistical worries.

  • You dream of a collaboration with a partner who knows the importance of content creation and content reuse.

  • You absolutely want an enthusiastic team going full steam ahead to meet your goals.

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